Profiles of Successful Ebook Authors Will Inspire Your Success

In this section, you will find profiles of ebook authors and some of their tips for success. We'll take a look at how various writers got started and their tips and marketing secrets for creating best sellers on the web.

Use these interviews to inspire your own success.

Learn from their secrets, take a look at their web sites and how they market their ebooks. When your goal is to write and self publish an ebook on the web, you must learn all facets of book production: from outlining to writing to design, content, marketing and delivery. You're at the helm with an immense responsiblity that requires you to wear many hats, but this will allow you to reap a larger percentage of your profits and maintain complete control of your content.

Here are some of the takeaways from successful ebook authors that we have interviewed in the past:

  • Do your research before you write.
  • Make sure there is a demand for your topic.
  • Don't try to appeal to everyone, instead create a niche.
  • Successful authors write every day. They set aside the time to establish a regular writing practice.
  • Develop your own voice. Readers want to hear your personality through your words.

ebook authors

For a free resource that will help you put together your first book or ebook, click on Make Your Knowledge Sell. This is the best guide for would-be authors. It also helps that the price is right!

If you plan to make your manuscript into a physical book, I recommend CreateSpace publishing. Click on the link for a step by step guide for setting up your account. This is hands-down the best, easiest way to publish your first book and you don't have to buy boxes and boxes of inventory. You can create your book by uploading a Word document and a graphic for the cover. Best of all, it allows you to get your book listed on Amazon which means your book will be available for sale to readers around the world.

If you are a writer, who has achieved a measure of success by selling your book or ebook on the web, please contact me. By sharing your story and your tips for success, you'll be spreading the word about your work and acknowledging other ebook authors in their struggle to overcome the barriers posed by traditional publishing. You also get a link to your site from your interview (although we do ask you to also link to us).

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