Ebook Affiliate Program: Make Income Recommending Services & Products

An ebook affiliate program is an excellent way to increase sales of your ebook or create another revenue stream for your web site by promoting other people's information products. In this article, we'll explore both approaches, so whether you're an author who wants to market a book or ebook or a web site owner who wants to add another revenue stream to your business, this article will tell you what you need to know.

Ebook Affiliate Programs for Authors

There are many sites online from which to promote your book or ebook. Some will allow you to promote digital products only (like ebooks, software products and screensavers), while others will also allow you to promote hard goods. Although affiliates will promote your book or information product in exchange for a percentage of the sales, they will reach markets you could not reach on your own, so this means extra money in your pocket. Best of all if you join an affiliate site, it's like having a sales force around the world.

Below are the affiliate programs I recommend if you want to sell an ebook or digital product from your web site and get others to sell your book as well.

Both ebook affiliate programs will process your orders so you do not need a shopping cart. Sign up for Clickbank - Ebook Affiliate Program and PayDotCom. Each has an extensive number of affiliates in place who are ready and willing to promote your ebook. My advice: sign up for them both.

Be advised that certain payment systems will not send money to South Africa for products sold. The one ebook affiliate program and payment processing system that does is Kagi. To find out the proper person to contact to set up your account at Kagi, email me using the Contact Us link on the navigation bar to the left and I will send you the email address of the person I recommend.

ebook affiliate program

Note: If you're just doing research and haven't yet written your ebook, the best resource on the market is Make Your Knowledge Sell. It's the book I used to write my award-winning book and ebook. Best of all, it's free.

Ebook Afffiliate Programs for Web Site Owners & Resellers

If you are a web site owner who wants to add another income stream to your business, you can do so by selling other people's information products. This is a great way to easily add more revenue to your online business because you do not have the time or inclination to create these products yourself. All you have to do is promote the products on your web site and in newletter mailings to your subscribers.

I suggest you start by signing up with Clickbank. They have an online catalog of information products in different categories, some of which are sure to be a perfect fit for your site. There rating system will tell you how popular each product is in terms of how well it sells. Just sign up as an affiliate, scroll through their listings and select the ebooks that will appeal to your customer base. Write a short article with a link to purchase the product at the end and add this to your web site or publish it in your newsletter. Keep doing this over time and you will have added a profitable income stream to your online business.

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