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... if you're looking for a book that shows you how to make money by building a niche store on the most popular auction site in the world (one which receives 8 million visitors per day), read on for my review. (If you're an author or reseller who wants to know how to sell ebooks and other digital products on eBay, read my review of this eBay Ebook).

Essentially, there are two ways of selling on eBay. You can scour garage sales or wholesale sites for inventory which you can then sell and make a profit on. This involves a lot of footwork. It also requires that you find and maintain inventory, watch for product trends (every product has its cycle), package and ship the product once a sale has been made, deal with customers and the occasional return.

Another way of making money on eBay (which is the focus of this eBay book selling review) is to build a niche site (a site on a particular topic) and recommend products related to that niche which are already selling on eBay. When someone purchases a product that you recommended, you earn a commission. For instance, if you decided to create a niche site on fishing, you could recommend fishing rods, tackle boxes, gear, fishing vests and hats. If you had a site on home business technology, you could recommend computers, software and peripherals.

When you approach selling on eBay this way, rather than selling directly, you eliminate the costs and headaches associated with:

  • finding inventory (no buying trips!)
  • carrying and storing inventory (no unsold products, no storage units)
  • processing orders (no fraudulent orders or credit cards)
  • customer service (no angry customers)
  • dealing with customer returns

How do I know all this? I've had an ecommerce site for the best 10 years, so I know the pain that comes with selling items directly.

Before you decide which way you're going to go, I suggest you consider the information in this eBay ebook selling review carefully because the system I'm about to recommend to you which is called BANS (an acronym for Build a Niche Store) has everything you need to succeed with this process and you do not have to be technical to do it.

ebay ebook selling

With BANS and the ebook on eBay selling, you'll be guided through the process of choosing a niche, building and creating a site by using predefined templates, selecting the products to recommend and attracting targeted traffic to your site who will follow your recommendations.

You can do follow this system even if you live in a country other than the U.S. or Canada because each segment in the eBay marketplace has an affiliate program that allows you to recommend products selling on eBay in exchange for a percentage of the total sale. eBay currently supports marketplaces that work with BANS in the following countries: U.S., Canada, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Spain, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore and the U.K.

Using eBay's database of 60 million products, you can build a niche that is centered around a topic you're passionate about and that provides value to others. By providing value (giving people the information they are seeking), you build credibility and people click on your affiliate links.

Conclusion about eBay Ebook Selling

This system has many positives, the most important of which I have detailed below:

  • This business model takes the guesswork out of building an online business. And with eBay as your affiliate, you'll have a plethora of products from which to choose. Since you won't have any of the headaches of running an ecommerce site, you'll get to focus on the fun parts of building your business. Don't get me wrong though. Doing this, like building any business will still take a certain amount of work and follow through.
  • The point-and-click software makes it easy to choose your country and your products. Next you'll choose your template and use it to build a niche web site that features articles about your chosen topic and makes related product recommendations relevant to your niche. Finally, you'll learn how to market your site to attract targeted customers.
  • Once you're familiar with the process, it is easily duplicatable - you can use it again and again to target new niches and increase your existing revenue stream. And if you buy the system and use it to build a site, you do not have to pay another fee when you build your next site.

To learn more about BANS and whether it is right for you, click on eBay Ebook Selling

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About the author:

Laura Ramirez is the owner of an ecommerce site, multiple niche sites and the author of an award-winning book, ebook and series of special reports.

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