Dog Training Ebook - Getting Your Dog to Behave Without Breaking His Spirit

A good dog training ebook will help you to stop your dog's behavioral problems by understanding how dogs really work. Their nature determines how they act and if you don't understand this, you'll just end up frustrated with a dog that is a source of constant annoyance. A story about how I used information in a dog training ebook that was recommended to me by a friend to help my dog overcome some potentially dangerous and annoying habits will illustrate this point.

Two years ago, we rescued a beautiful floppy-eared Akita from the SPCA. No doubt the reason she was in the SPCA was due to those floppy ears—not a positive characteristic for her breed whose ears are supposed to stand straight up.) When I first met her, her name was "Angel," but she was anything but that.

I went to the SPCA six times to walk and interact with this dog before deciding to take her home to my family because every time I approached her in her cage, she would back up and bark and she was unresponsive during our walks. Akitas need to bond with one person in the family and this dog had not bonded to anyone. During our final walk together, I saw a glimmer of hope: she showed me her tummy for a few seconds while we were relaxing at the park.

dog training ebook

Even though I knew Akitas and my husband used to breed them, I knew this dog had been traumatized, so I decided to read the dog training ebook (which I recommend to you below) that I had purchased and downloaded.

Good thing I did because at first, we weren't sure we could keep her. First of all, when my kids were playing outside with her, she'd run, pick up speed, charge up at them and nip them. My kids came inside crying hysterically, both with small bite marks on the arms and a bit of blood where she had broken the skin. They wanted to take her back and exchange her for a dog everyone had liked, a black lab named Pongo. Second, she was afraid of my husband and would cower at his approach. Since my husband is handicapped, I was concerned that she might bite him out of fear.

Although I was tempted to take her back for the first ten days after we had adopted her and brought her home, today, I'm glad we stuck things out. Today, this dog who we call Kira, has been transformed (just look at the photo of her with my youngest son). I no longer have to worry about her charging at people and biting them. She is no longer scared of my husband. She doesn't bite, charge or nip. She is my dog and is bonded to me—after all, I'm her mom. Better yet, we achieved this transformation without breaking her spirit. She is the most incredible dog. She's smart, has personality plus and has really made her own place as a much-loved member of our family.

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If you want to transform your dog's behavior (which will improve the quality of life for both you and your dog) click on dog training ebook to learn more. You can even take their free 6-day mini course. (As I write these words, I'm smiling because my beloved Kira just popped her head up outside the window where I'm sitting and pawed it as a signal that she wants to come in the house and be with me. I still can't believe that this is the same dog we brought home from the SPCA. It's amazing what a little love, some limits and an understanding of dog behavior can do.)

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