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Starting your own desktop publishing business is a great home-based venture. Working from home on your computer gives you the freedom and flexibility that you would not enjoy working for the man. In this article, you'll learn the benefits of starting your own business and what you'll need to get started.

If you've had desktop publishing jobs in the past, then you know the downside of this career path: you have to commute, work in the office from 9-5 and don't have the ability to pick and choose your projects.

Contrast this with the life of a graphic designer who owns her own desktop publishing business. In fact, I have such a friend. She rises every day about 11 or noon (she's a night owl), pours a cup of coffee and takes her computer out on the patio to enjoy the beauty of her backyard garden, while she works. She works with clients who she enjoys and projects that get her creative juices flowing. Working like this makes her job very fulfilling. Since she determines her own hours, she can leave in the middle of the day to meet her husband for lunch or help out at the school where her son attends. In fact, she's home when he comes home from school every day and they sit in the garden and trade stories about the little things that happened during the day.

As a graphic designer with her own desktop publishing business, she has a steady stream of local clients and since she's built her own web site that attracts targeted traffic, she also gets new clients from the web. In fact, yesterday, she called to tell me excitedly that she just got a new client from Japan. Since she can send files back and forth over the internet and accept payments via her Paypal account, it's easy to work with overseas clients.

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While you may already be a trained graphic artist, you need to understand how to run a business which is why my friend recommends that any designer who wants to go out on their own go through this course that teaches you how to run a desktop publishing business. Since 99% of all businesses fail in the first year, it's important to know how to market yourself to make yourself successful. Her advice: take the time upfront to invest in your education, so your efforts will allow you to create the life you dream of.

If you're not a trained graphic designer, then here are the things you will need to purchase in order to succeed. You'll need a high end graphic design program (see the links to the best prices for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress plus books and learning materials below). These programs will allow you to handle any size job.

Then you'll need graphic design training. You can do this at a university, local college or by going through a design course. First though before you get started, take this desktop publishing business course, which will also teach you how to market yourself, so you can understand how to best position your business. Knowing this upfront will help you to determine what kind of training you will need to succeed.

Best Prices on InDesign

Best Prices on QuarkXpress

Getting into the field of graphic design is a smart move to make because it's a career path that rewards creativity and a good aesthetic eye. With the internet, you can get clients from all over the world so there will be no shortage of jobs for your desktop publishing business. Why look for desktop publishing jobs when you can take control of your own destiny and build a business?

~ Laura Ramirez

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