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To design ebook cover, there are many things you must keep in mind to get the best results. Since you want to sell as many copies as possible, remember that the cover can make or break your sales. Although we've been told "Don't judge an ebook by its cover since we were little," people do anyway. The book cover creates the hook that generates interest. It is the visual that supports the copy on your sales page. Some of the things you'll need to consider in terms of ebook cover design are color, images, design style and fonts.

To illustrate how important it is to design a stunning ebook cover, take the case of a famous internet marketer who wrote an ebook on an aspect of his business. As a test, he created two different sales pages that featured different ebook cover designs. The design of the book cover was the only thing that differed between the sales pages. Both had the same headline, same copy, same offer, etc. One cover design sold twice as many as the other. So even if you have good content for your ebook and a catchy title, if your book is not selling, the problem could be the cover, even though the ebook is virtual and is something your reader will never actually hold in their hands.

Since it can be quite expensive to hire a graphic designer to design ebook cover for you, designing it yourself may be the best solution at this point. If you are not a designer by trade, you will want to follow the following suggestions.

design ebook cover
  • Make your cover stand out. Make it compatible with, but different than the other books in your niche. For instance a business-related ebook should have a professional look, while a ebook about selling on eBay might have a fun or even a homemade look, since most eBayers run their businesses from home. Do a little bit of research and collect ideas from other successful ebook authors in your niche.
  • When you design ebook, take it easy with the colors. Although you aren't limited to 4 colors (like you are in the print world because anything more can be very pricey to print), you don't want to go overboard. The whole point here is to use colors that are pleasing to the eye and make an impact. The colors should be appropriate to your niche. For instance, a ebook on buying and selling collectible sports cards on eBay probably shouldn't have pink in the cover. Since your ebook buyers will not have an actual book to hold in their hands, you may think the cover is less important than for a physical book, but actually it's more important. You want to design an ebook cover that grabs your readers' attention, supports your sales copy, reflects the content in your book and makes what is virtual seem real. If the colors in your design are loud or inappropriate to your niche, your web visitor might click away from your web site, rather than make a purchase.
  • You know the old saying: A picture really does say a thousand words. This means you must have an image on your ebook cover that is related to the subject matter of your book. Do not under any circumstances, grab an image that does not belong to you from somewhere on the web. In the very least, this is copyright infringement. Instead, either take the photo yourself, hire a photographer or use a digital photo site which allows you to purchase credits and download professionally shot photos (some for as little as one dollar). You can then use these photos on your book covers or on your web sites. In some cases, a black and white shot might be more impactful than color. It all depends on your subject matter and your target audience.
  • When you design ebook cover, you can purchase and learn how to use high-end book publishing software. If you intend to write a series of ebooks and design ebook covers for all of them, then a purchase like this makes sense.

f you don't have the time to learn a graphics editor, then you can hire a designer to create a unique cover for ebook for less than $100. The designer that we recommend is well versed in design and has created hundreds of compelling covers. Just click on design ebook cover to learn more. 

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