CreateSpace Publishing:
Why It Makes Sense for Indie
Authors & Self Publishers

Createspace Publishing is a great way to get your book into print and into the hands of readers. A self publishing platform, it allows any author to quickly and easily create a physical book without having to invest in or learn complex layout programs like Adobe InDesign or Quark Xpress. Think of all the time and money you'll save.

Seven years ago, CreateSpace was acquired by Amazon and for the past 5 years, they have made this publishing platform which allows authors and self publishers to print books on demand available to everyone. The free online setup cannot be beat and the tools are easy to use even for a publishing novice. Although some mainstream authors still prefer to take the traditional route and get published by a well-known publishing house (because in the world of books, being published by a big name publisher still equals clout and credibility), this is a viable option for those who don't care about status or celebrity and are willing to take the book marketing steps to attract potential readers.
createspace publishing

Of course even if you are published by a mainstream publisher, you still need to find creative ways to get the word out about your book, unless you're a talk show host or a regular guest on a show and are permitted to plug your book to millions of viewers.

So how do you use this online platform to create your book? Well first go sign up by click on CreateSpace Publishing. Clicking on the link will open a new tab in your browser so you can sign up and follow along with the instructions that I have listed below.

1. Create - This is where you set up the different sections for your book and the margins and formatting for the pages. Depending upon how you set things up you might have an intro, a dedication page, etc. You should also have a table of contents, copyright page, and perhaps even an index. You can either set up the pages (margins, page numbers, heading etc) yourself or use CreateSpace publishing services (at an additional cost) to help you create a professional look and layout. The site does offer templates for DIY enthusiasts.

2. Setup - this is where you add your book's title, a summary or description of the book's content, author name(s) and choose the book trim size and type of paper. In this section, you can upload the inside content of your book as well as a book cover that you've designed or had designed for you. You can also create a book cover by using the provided online tool, but remember that book covers are a selling feature for your book, so it might pay to have one designed professionally depending upon how and where you are planning to sell the book. If you expect it to sell in bookstores and compete with other titles, then it should have a nice book cover.

You also need to assign an ISBN number to your book. You can use one assigned by CreateSpace or if you plan to publish more books in the future and are an aspiring self publisher, you may want to buy your own. Read more about this in my article on ISBN numbers. (I opted to purchase my own since I've written 2 books, 2 ebooks and also published a DVD-series.)

For the next three steps see CreateSpace Publisher Part II.

Copyright © by Laura Ramirez. All Rights Reserved.

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