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Want to be a CreateSpace publisher and sell your books on Amazon? This article will show you what to do and best of all, it's much easier than you think. Just make sure that you've signed up for a CreateSpace account first and then follow steps 1 and 2 which can be found in this article on CreateSpace publishing, then come back and follow the rest of the steps below.

After you have completed the first 2 steps and uploaded the inside content and cover for your book, it is time to look things over. It's nice to know that the people at CreateSpace will also look over your files and point out anything that could cause a problem. While they will look through your files, keep in mind that they are not looking for grammatical or spelling errors, so it is up to make sure that you have produced good quality content that has been edited with a keen eye to detail. One of the things that readers often complain about after reading self published books is that there are too many spelling and grammatical errors, so make sure this is not the case with your book.

After any errors have been noted and corrected by you, it is time to order a proof of your book, so you can check it over one last time and experience what your book is going to look like and feel like in your readers' hands.

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Since you have probably looked over your content many times by this point, it is easy to overlook errors that might stick out to someone else. This is why as a CreateSpace publisher, it is important to take extra time here (because after all, this process can eliminate errors that turn off readers) and ask some friends, colleagues or family members to read through your book.

Once the proofing process is complete, it is time to approve your proof and set up your sales channels. This means setting the price point, determining royalties. Be aware that trim size and book format can affect your royalties, so try different scenarios with these numbers to arrive at the best royalties for your hard work.

Next, you'll need to pick the sales channels through which your book will be sold. You can offer your book for sale on Amazon and also use the CreateSpace platform to create a mini online store. Your book can also be made available for order by bookstores.

Another way to promote your work through Amazon is to use their blogging platform which allows you to write about yourself, your work and your latest projects. This area is called Author Central. Connecting with your readers through Author Central and giving them more information about you and your life and providing updates can help boost sales and grow your readership.

Once your book has been produced and you can call yourself a CreateSpace publisher, your job has just begun. I've heard it said time and time again that writing a book is only 5% of the process—the rest is marketing. I have many articles on my site that will give new publishers ideas for book marketing. Don't forget to announce the publication of your book on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other favorite Social Media site.

Whatever you do, keep on selling and promoting your book. It is possible for a self published book to sell for years especially if you've done the work to establish your market. My parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting has sold continuously since it was first published in 2004.

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