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Maybe you've heard of Create Space publishing, maybe not. As an author and self publisher, it's the best thing that has happened in the world of publishing since the invention of the printing press. Now, more than ever, it is easy to get your words in print and start selling your work online.

Here are the big reasons you should sign up for a Create Space publishing account, even if your book is still just an idea.

1) CreateSpace is owned by Amazon. If you use their printed book publishing system, you can sell your book on their web site which is one of the most visited web sites on the internet. The exposure potential is huge.

2) CreateSpace publishing allows you to easily publish your book. No need to learn complex programs like InDesign or QuarkXpress. You simply upload the word document that contains the content for your manuscript. It's easy to design a simple cover or you can invest the money for a graphic designer. (For more on this, read )

3) Once you've approved the proof (also called the "galleys"), you can order as few or as many books as you need. This is a great way to "test" the market for your book before you order boxes and boxes of inventory.

If you've been in the publishing industry for awhile, then you know that these three benefits are huge and will have no reservations about signing up for your own CreateSpace account.

create space publishing

If you are a newbie to the publishing industry or want to be an indie publisher or if you're a longtime publishing who wants to marvel at the leaps in the publishing world today, then read on. Let me explain why the three benefits of Create Space publishing are such a big deal.

First, let's look at the fact that Amazon owns CreateSpace and that publishing with them gives you access to the widest distribution channel on the planet. Not only can you list your book on Amazon (and believe me, getting your book into a distribution channel like this used to be quite a feat), but you gain access to the hundreds of thousands of Amazon affiliates (maybe more) around the world who will find your book on Amazon and recommend it on their web site or in their newsletters for a small commission.

The potential of this alone is HUGE. I listed my self published book on Amazon in 2004 (and back then, this wasn't easy) and it is still selling today. When I first self published my book, I was told that I better start marketing it right away because a book usually only makes sales the first six months after it is released, especially a self-published book that no one knows about.

But listing my book on Amazon and (Barnes & Noble) has led to a plethora of opportunities that I would not have otherwise encountered. People have found my work on Amazon and hired me for speaking engagements (in other countries, no less) that have earned me thousands and thousands of dollars. Journalists have contacted me for interviews in national papers. The Huffington Post has interviewed me on their live video feed. I could go on and on, but I think you're starting to get the picture.

Okay, on to the next item on the list of Create Space publishing benefits.

Create Space allows you to easily create your physical book. For those who have never tried to figure out how to use InDesign or QuarkXpress to design and layout a book, I cannot begin to explain to you what this means. Although I have a number of web sites, I am not a techie and figuring out how to use QuarkXpress to layout my first book was really out of my realm. Fortunately, a librarian referred me to a local indie publisher. This wonderful woman took time out from her busy life to help me design, layout and typeset my book on her computer. Without her help, I would have been totally lost. Of course, I had to hire a graphic designer to design the front and back cover of the book.

The fact that Create Space publishing allows you to upload a simple Word doc to create your book is absolutely amazing. The amount of time and aggravation this will save you cannot be overemphasized.

And now, they offer an easy-to-use cover designer that makes creating a cover a snap.

And finally, the third item on our list: Create Space allows you to order as few or as many books as you want. Again, this is a huge benefit. Gone are the days when the biggest risk indie publishers had to take was having boxes and boxes of unsold inventory in their basement. Remember the woman who helped me design and layout my book? She showed me all the boxes of unsold inventory she had in her home. Multiply this by the fact that she had published at least ten titles. This represented tens of thousands of dollars.

Once when I happened to mention to her that I was going to sell my book in a booth at a trade show, she gave me three boxes of one of her books to use as a giveaway, so I can give customers a 2-for-1 deal. Fortunately, I sold a lot of books at that trade show.

Sign up for your Create Space account. Do it now before they start limiting accounts. Make sure to save your user name and password so that when you've finished with your manuscript, you are ready to upload it and start calling yourself a published author.

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