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Making a Cover for Ebook

You've written your manuscript. Now you need a cover. Although the old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover," know that your ebook will be judged by first its look, then its contents.

Although most likely you're a writer, not a graphic designer, you can design a striking cover that will make a lasting impression and compel web site visitors to buy your book. All you need is a basic design program. When creating your book cover keep in mind some basic design principles:

Don't use more than two font styles. Using too many fonts in a design or document is the biggest tell that you're a novice designer.

Design with three's in mind. Create three areas of interest (no more than three) on your cover. For some reason, using three elements is more attractive to the eye. (There are documented studies on this phenomenon.)

Use a photo or graphic that symbolizes what your book is about. Remember pictures speak louder than words. (Good ebook cover software should allow you to customize existing templates.)

Keep it simple. You'll make a bigger statement that way and your design will be pleasing to the eye.

cover for ebook

Make your title big and bold. Remember, a cover for ebook is a low resolution graphic file, so your title must be readable.

If this seems daunting to you, we have a recommendation. Why not hire a graphic designer. For less than $100, you can get a stunningly unique cover designed for you. This way, your book won't look like it was designed from a template that has been used time and time again. Remember, the cover is what sells the book, particularly if it's sold online and people can't actually flip through it and hold it in their hands. To get in touch with the designer that I've used in the past and recommend to the authors I help with my book publishing service, click on get a cover for ebook.
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