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With today's software programs, cookbook publishing is easy. What a great way to preserve your family's favorite recipes and traditions and even document geneaology. By including a bit of family history, old letters, photos of get-togethers, written memories and favorite recipes, you will create a cherished family heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

Creating a family cookbook can be accomplished in many ways. Make a recipe book with a casual feel that resembles a scrapbook with handwritten recipes, photos and interesting stories about where the recipes came from and how they were used to mark life passages. Include interesting bits of information about the family member who submitted the recipe, along with their date of birth and important life events or accomplishments. Of course, if you want to make more than one, doing it this way will take you forever.

Instead of doing it by hand, we recommend that you use our favorite online cookbook publishing software. Since the tools are online, you do not need to purchase any software. This online tool allows you to create a cookbook that looks more polished and professional, yet still has a family-feel. Using print-on-demand publishing, you can print ten or twenty copies (or more) at a time and give them to every member of your family. Using this method, you will scan all your photographs and handwritten recipes into your computer, then layout them out to determine the look and feel of the pages. You can even create different sections and a table of contents.

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Before you begin designing your family cookbook, ask yourself what your goals are. If you want to use it to preserve customs, then make sure to note the ethnic origin of each recipe and how the dish was used to celebrate different traditions. If you want to preserve history, then include stories, photographs, geneaology and memorabilia. You might even want to include newspaper clippings to indicate the spirit of the times. If you are passing on culinary skills, then include cooking and baking tips from the best chefs in your family. Take photographs, showing them at work.

After you're finished with your cookbook, decide how to distribute it. Will it be given as a birthday gift when each family member reaches a certain age? Will it be given as a keepsake at birth? Do you plan to hand out the recipe books as surprise gifts at an upcoming family reunion? Consider giving the family recipe book as a wedding gift to newlyweds or graduates, encouraging them to honor cherished family traditions.

Once you've gone through the process of cookbook publishing, you may decide to use this idea as a fundraiser. Imagine everyone in your church contributing a recipe and then selling the book to the community at-large. People love to buy a book of recipes which have been prepared and served with love for generations. Beyond that, recipe books are great sellers.

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