Comic Book Self Publishing - Going Indie & Getting Your Work in Print

Comic Book Self more respected in the comic book industry than in the book industry. In fact, comic book publishers abound even though 80% of the market share is owned by industry giants DC Comics and Marvel.

To give you an idea of the kind of money you can make creating and publishing your own comics, look through the example. Let's say you have a comic book series called Viper Woman. After talking to a distributor, you settle on the cover price of $2.95.

The distributor who makes your work available to retailers will usually purchase it at a 60% discount. Typically, the distributor keeps 10-15% of this and then sells it to the retailer (who sells your comic book in their store) at 45 - 55 percent of the listed price. Retailers usually get a keystone markup or 100%.

So if Viper Woman has a cover price of $2.95:

  • The customer buys it for 2.95.
  • The distributor earns 29.5 cents to 44 cents per copy.
  • The store owner makes $1.33 - $1.63 per sale.
  • The comic book self publishing company makes the difference.
comic book self publishing

Since the publisher bears the burden of other costs, such as pre-press costs, printing, shipping and advertising, you must subtract these in order to determine the profit margin which ain't much. Still, if this is something you love doing, then your sense of passion will give you deep and lasting satisfaction.

The best option for publishing your own work is to use a print on demand publisher, so you can do a limited run of your comics, at least until you know that they are selling well enough to carry inventory. My top recommendation for this is CreateSpace publishing. Just click on the link to follow a step by step tutorial for setting up your account.

Create Space is owned by Amazon and makes it easy to upload the text and graphics for your book. Due to their simple to use interface, you no longer need to learn how to use a complex, expensive piece of software. Probably the biggest benefit of going with them as a printer is that your comic book gets automatically listed on Amazon which puts it in front of readers around the world.

Comic Book Self Publishing - Comic Book Publishing

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