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In recent years, Christian publishing companies have produced some blockbusters. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, which has sold twenty million copies, comes to mind. But it's not just "how-to" non-fiction that is making these companies rich, fiction (particularly, romance) is also selling well.

In 2005, sales of religious books were up about 10%, outranking books in every other category, excluding Education. This trend has been building the past four years and is expected to continue.

According to the American Association of Publishers, books by Christian authors comprise about 5% of the total market. This is good news if you're planning to publish a religious-themed book.

Book store sales back up these figures. In fact, Borders Group reported that sales of religious books have increased more than 35% since the turn of the new century. Of course, the biggest growing subcategory of religious books are those produced by publishing companies that target Christian readers.

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Although some of the big publishers now have their own religious-based imprints, the demand for this material could put savvy authors and self publishers on the map. Definitely something to think about.

Since the Christian publishing market is huge, this is an excellent genre for self-published authors. I hope that I've stirred up a sense of excitement in you about the possibility for selling your book in this lucrative market. The best way to publish in today's world is to use a print on demand printer (so you don't have to order boxes of inventory) that can get your book in front of a world wide audience. That printer is CreateSpace which is owned by Amazon and offers a whole suite of tools to allow you to easily and quickly get your book into print. For a step by step tutorial, click on CreateSpace publishing and set up your account today.

Once your book is in print, don't stop there. Read our tips on book promotion so you can sell more books and build a platform of enthusiastic readers who will buy every book you write.

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