Child Book Illustrator Jobs - Tips for Getting Work

The best way to find child book illustrator jobs is to hook up with an author who is ready to publish a book. Once the book is published, you will have a showpiece of your work—something that illustrates your talent and your unique interpretation of the author's words.

Since finding child book illustrator jobs can be tough at first, we will be offering a page on our web site to feature your best work with your contact information and a link to your web site (we ask that you link back to us.) The charge for this is just $50 per year and allows up for four illustrations of your work. To find out more, use the Contact Us link to the left.

To increase your chances of getting child book illustrator jobs, it's a good idea to create a web site that features your work. Use the right tools and your web site will place high in the search engines. This means both authors and child book publishers will be able to find you by searching on the web. They will be able to look through your online portfolio 24/7, no matter where you are or what you happen to be doing.

Put your web site address on all your materials, including business cards and brochures. Use your web site address in a signature line at the bottom of all of your emails. Get the word out to your friends that you want to do illustrations for children's books. You never know when someone you know will bump into someone else who is looking for a referral.

child book illustrator jobs

Create a portfolio for those who want you to apply for child book illustrator jobs in person. Highlight your best work. Show your range. If your work has been published, make sure to showcase it. When authors want to take a look at your work, all you need to do is send them to your web site. You can use Paypal to have authors pay up front for your illustrations if those are your terms.

Make a digital portfolio by scanning your illustrations into a computer and burning a CD or DVD, which you can sent to potential clients through the mail. If you do have a computer, you really should build a web site that showcases your work, so people can see your illustrations night or day from all around the world. (See our recommendation for a web site building package above.)

In addition to marketing your abilities on your web site, you should also have a Facebook page. To learn more about how to use Facebook to market a business, consider taking this course called Facebook Marketing Mastery. This is a step-by-step video tutorial that will teach you exactly what you need to learn and is taught by the world's top expert on Facebook marketing.

If you are just starting out, you can also look for jobs on sites like This is a site that matches those who are looking to get certain tasks done with those who provide the services. The nice thing about Elance is that they handle the money which is held in escrow until the work has been approved by the person or company who hired the service provider. Doing business on a site like Elance can help you build up a portfolio of complete illustrations very quickly and will also garner ratings and recommendations for your work. To sign up, click on child book illustrator jobs.

Another great way to get started in the illustration world, is to write your own children's book and become an author/illustrator. For more on this, read child book writing. Not only are you sure to get the job, once your book is published, you can send it to child book publishing companies who will consider you for various jobs.

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