Book Publishing Company: How to Send Out Your Work

Send your writing to a book publishing company by following these important guidelines. First, set your expectations. Understand that this is a busy field. These companies receive hundreds of submissions every day. Although you believe your work is special (and it is!), be patient.

One publisher does not necessarily equal another. Do your research. Figure out their target audience. Do they publish your genre? Today, many houses specialize. Don't send a children's manuscript to a company that targets adults. Although this is obvious, I'm trying to make a point: make sure to do the time to do your research. If you do, you'll save yourself time and avoid rejection.

When you refer to your work, call it a manuscript, not a book. Use the proper terminology or you'll look like a novice. A book is published, a manuscript is not. The word "publishing" means making a work public.

Send a query letter to the company you have selected to elicit interest. Make sure to check their submission guidelines first. Does the publisher want you to send a query with a synopsis of the story or do they want sample chapters or the entire manuscript? Make sure to give them what they want and you'll have a better chance of being offered a contract.

Does the book publisher accept simultaneous submissions? If so, you can send your manuscript to several houses at once. This allows you to save time and get your manuscript accepted sooner. If the publisher states that they do not accept simultaneous submissions, then you must send them your submission and wait to hear whether they've accepted or rejected your work before contacting another publisher.

book publishing company

Once your manuscript is accepted by a publisher, the rights and royalty for your intellectual property will be negotiated. Make sure to hire a lawyer for this stage unless you can easily interpret legalize.

Once you've signed the contract, it is binding. Don't underestimate the importance of a good attorney.

You may opt to pay to have your work published by a company that provides this sort of service. There are non-subsidy (you do not pay up front for this), subsidy publishers and resellers. To insure you understand the difference between the services they offer, read this article on Types of Book Publishers.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your manuscript in print.

Take the first step today by doing the research first and contacting the right book publishing company for your work. This will help ensure success and be time well-spent.

Book Publishing Company

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