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Book Promotion is essential. It doesn't matter if you have ten distributors and your book is in every bookstore across America—if people haven't heard of your book, it will be a dust collector. You wrote your book so people would read your stories and ideas. If you want it to succeed, then take direction from the corporate giants. When a company comes out with a new product, they advertise it to their market. As an author or self-publisher, you may not have the budget of a big company, but you must still market your book. This article will tell you how to invest your money wisely.

As the self-publishing industry has grown, companies offering services to help authors promote their books have sprung up everywhere. Some of these companies offer a real service that will help you get your message before the public. Other companies will prey upon your hopes and dreams and take your money and run. How do you decide which book promotion services to invest in, especially if you have limited funds and can't afford to hire a PR agency?

In addition to sharing my experiences about which book promotion techniques have been effective, I will also invite my colleagues and web visitors to share their recommendations and warnings. Check back occasionally, as together we create a list of tried-and-true book promotion services for authors.

Recommended Book Marketing Services and Products:

Sell your book direct through radio interviews. This product is offered by an author who has generated more than one million dollars in direct sales through radio talk show interviews. As you may know, there are many benefits to radio book promotion. You can give the interview from your home in your pajamas, you keep all the profits and many shows will archive your interview which means it will be available online for years, maybe even decades.

Although you may be able to score a few radio show interviews on your own, don't count on many book sales. I found this out the hard way. I googled radio shows for my book category, sent out review copies, worked with the show hosts and was the sole guest on every show I did. In one case, the host devoted 2 one hour segments to my interview. In another case, the show host asked me to appear on another show she did. Although this gave me valuable experience and taught me that I could do interviews, my book sales were negligible. The reason—I wasn't getting on the big shows.

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The author who sells this radio show database has been selling his book on the radio for years. His advice is worth following since he's sold over a million copies of his book. As an ex-UPS driver turned best selling author, he's an expert who proves that anyone can make it in the self publishing business if they have the drive and smarts to succeed. He gives you a database of contacts for radio shows that have more than 100,000 listeners and divides these shows into categories. He tells you exactly what to say and do, how to pitch producers and how to assemble a media kit, specifically geared to radio talk shows.

If doing radio show interviews is new to you, then learn from an expert. Don't reinvent the wheel when you can save time by learning from another author's mistakes. This book promotion product is offered at three price levels and gives a money-back guarantee. The author/developer is honest, amicable and helpful. I give this product my highest recommendation and recommend that you purchase the top level product like I did. I credit this product with my ability to continue to sell copies of my book a full ten years after the publication date.

If doing radio shows isn't your thing or if you want to add another smart promotion strategy that doesn't require preparing for interviews, make sure to take a look at my next suggestion.

Book Promotion on Facebook

One of the best ways to build a platform of supportive readers who will spread the word about your book is to learn how to use Facebook properly. Mari Smith who is the foremost Facebook marketing expert in the world and has used Facebook to promote her books and build an empire has a course that I highly recommend called Facebook Marketing Mastery. This course takes you step-by-step through the process and is easy to follow even for someone who is a newbie at using social media for marketing. If you want to get the word out about your book, you simply must understand how to use Facebook. Even if you're pretty good at using Facebook, you'll want to take Mari's course because in it, you'll learn how to use this platform as a smart promotion tool. Find out more by clicking the link above.

Author book marketing is essential. Don't write your book and then hope that it will sell. In order to get sales, you must have a book marketing plan and you must be willing to invest some marketing dollars.

If you have found a product or service that has helped you market your book effectively, please send us a brief story about your experience. Just use the comments box below. The business of book promotion is tough. Let's share our knowledge and help each other succeed.

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Make sure to read the article on author book promotion services that I do not recommend. There are a lot of scams out there designed to take advantage of naive first time authors and self publishers. Bookmark this page as our list of products and services grows.

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