Book Marketing: Five Tips for Successful Author Book Promotion Online

Book marketing ... whether your book is self-published or published by a major publishing house, take charge of your book's sales by following the five tips below. Even if your book has been picked up by a major publishing house, they will do little to promote it, especially in today's competitive world. You have poured your heart and soul into your book, so don't drop the ball when it comes to getting publicity.

Five Author Book Promotion Tips:

  • Write a press release. This is a one-page description of your book with a hook that will create interest in your story. Make it fresh, give it a unique angle or tie it in with current events. Submit your press release online and your story will be distributed to media outlets around the world and appear on web sites and in print. If you need help writing your news release, click on 7 tips for writing a press release

  • Search online for newsletters and web sites that address the target audience for your book. Visit their sites and see if they publish book reviews. Contact the owner of the web site first to see if they're still doing book reviews and verify their physical address. If your book is an ebook, offer to send them the download link or the PDF via email.
  • Find newsgroups that cater to your target audience and use your book marketing savvy to let them know about your work by answering their questions and then posting information about your book as part of your signature line. Do not post a blatant ad about your book. Be helpful rather than solicitous or you could be banned from the forum.
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  • Although it may be expensive to do book marketing in the offline world, the online world is full of opportunities. Many of today's bestselling authors first garnered notice in the online world by achieving success on Amazon. Do all you can to achieve this by promoting your book page on Amazon. This means taking advantage of the description field and by taking the time to use Author Central.
  • Kick off your online publicity by getting friends and family to read your book. Ask them to spread the word. Have them select ten people from their email address book—friends, family or acquaintances—and send them a short email about your book. If your book is available on Amazon, ask them to post a review.
  • Create article excerpts of your book and submit them for publication in online newsletters. Make sure to include an author profile at the end that tells readers where they can purchase your book online.

The techniques above will get attention for your book, but don't stop there. Read about the book promotion techniques I've used successfully to sell my book. Pick one and resolve to do a little every day.

Another great way to promote your book is to do so on social media. You can post an announcement to your Facebook friends, create a Facebook Page devoted to your book, tweet about it on Twitter or post a graphic of the front cover to Pinterest. Stay tuned for more social media book promotions tips.

Continue to perform the actions listed above. For instance, contact two publishers of online newsletters or post an answer to someone's question in an online forum making sure to include your book title and where it can be purchased online in your signature line. Whatever you do, commit to doing marketing for at least two years after your book comes off the press. After pouring your heart and soul into your book, make a commitment to doing the same with its promotion.

A little inspiration for those who don't want to put much effort into author book promotion: my first self-published book has been selling now for almost 10 years due to following my own advice.

Note: One of the most important things that authors fail to do is build a web site that attracts targeted visitors to their site. Learn more by clicking on the link above. Don't just put up a web site that will only be visited by your family and friends. Build one that functions as a vehicle for selling your book 24/7. This is a smart way to build a platform of future readers because when people buy from you, you will collect their email addresses and physical addresses and be able to contact them to let them pre-order when your next book comes out.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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