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A book marketing plan—you need one, whether your book is being published by a big New York publisher, a small press or is a self published book. Although many authors think that big publishers and small presses will do their book promotion for them, this is simply not the case. Especially not today.

A friend of mine whose book is being published by a big name publisher, told me that when considering her book for publication, the publisher asked the following questions about her book marketing plan:

  • Do you have a web site? Today's authors must have a web site to promote their book, provide a downloadable media kit, reviews, testimonials, sample chapters, and an order page. Since this was the publisher's number one question, a web site is essential to your book marketing plan. The web business building package I used to build this site (and three others) includes everything you need. It allows you to build a site that will attract web surfers who are interested in the subject matter of your book (these are warm, ready-to-buy customers) and you don't have to be a computer nerd to figure out how to do it. This package allows you to build a web business (by just typing text into boxes), not just slap up a web site that no one but your friends and relatives will visit. Your web site must also serve as a means of building your email and mailing list which leads us to the next question ...

book marketing plan
  • How big is your email or mailing list? Your book marketing plan must include publishing a newsletter because this builds awareness about your book, creates a market (for future books) and establishes you as an expert in your field. The web site building package that I recommended above has all the tools you need to put a subscription box on your web site and publish your online newsletter. (Do you see how important it is to have an author web site? These were the top questions asked by the big publishing company.)
  • How many online newsletter publishers will help you promote your book? Again, your web site will help you build relationships with other webmasters and ezine publishers who will be happy to review, announce or sell your book to their web visitors and subscribers. Your online and offline network are important aspects of a good book marketing plan.
  • Do you have a forum or platform? Do you teach classes, write a newspaper column, do speaking engagements or have other means of offline exposure? (Book marketing strategy is all about exposure.) If you think book signings are the way to go, then consider this—the average number of books sold at a big chain bookstore is 8-10 books. If your goal is to sell 20,000 books, that's a lot of book signings. (At my last book signing at Barnes & Noble, I sold 12 books.)
  • How many colleagues and acquaintances (especially other authors or experts in your field or those related to your book) will endorse your book?

As you can see, a web site and a network of contacts are crucial to a successful book marketing plan. While it can take years to learn the ropes yourself, if you already have a web site or are in the midst of building one, take the next smart step and learn how to turn your book or infoproduct into an empire which is how you begin to make a name, a following and real money for yourself. This course was developed by the woman who has spent the last fifteen years helping clients like Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield turn their books into publishing empires.

Think about it: Jack Canfield made $6 million dollars last year from products and speaking engagements. This woman has turned her track record for success into a step-by-step system that you can follow. You're selling yourself short if you think of yourself as one-book wonder. Follow this book marketing plan down the path to ultimate success as an author and you'll join the ranks of author/celebrities.

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