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There are plenty of author book promotion services to help self-published authors succeed. Some work and some are just ploys that prey upon your hopes and dreams. On this page, I warn you against purchasing certain products and services. Although I won't name the companies outright, I will give you hints. (If you're more interested in companies that offer products and services which are reputable and do work, please read the following: Using Affiliate Marketing to Sell Your Books Online and this article.

If you bought into an author book promotion scam, please contact us and share your experiences with other unwitting authors. Together, we can share ideas, products and services that work and put the scammers out of business.

Author Book Promotion Services that Are Suspect

For obvious reasons, I can't name names here, but I will give you some hints. Recently, I was approached by a company that is located in the Midwest who wanted to do a joint venture direct response television marketing campaign for my book. When I received their letter in the mail, I was quite surprised. I called the man who had written it and asked, "How did you find me?" He replied, "I saw your ad in a magazine." I thought hard for a moment, trying to figure out what he was talking about. Then, it dawned on me and I exclaimed, "You called me from that puny ad?" This was my first tell that something was awry.

The company sent me a brochure and CD of the commercials they had produced. If you watch television at all, you will recognize their commercials. Although I got a little excited while watching them, I also noted that these were general interest products (not books). Since my book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting is not a general interest book, I didn't think their approach would work.

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When I expressed my concerns with the representative with the company, he addressed each one. Slowly, he worked on me, convincing me that a direct t.v. marketing campaign was the perfect author book promotion service. Later, when I asked him for references, he seemed hesitant. He told me he wanted me to turn in the product submission form to show that I was serious before he'd give me references. After I faxed it in, I again asked for references. Again, he seemed a bit reluctant. He told me that he would give me references after I had signed the contract. This raised a red flag in my mind. Finally, I said to him, "People use references to determine if they want to do business with a company. Since he couldn't argue with this, he emailed me three references. They were all people who had success with this company selling general interest home products.

Since this company charged $8000 for their author book promotion services, I did my due diligence. I googled this company on the web and at first, all I found was their web site. I called the BBB and discovered that they had had grievances which had been resolved. I called the Secretary of State and discovered that they were in good standing, which only means that they pay their taxes. Finally, I did a search for press releases plus the name of this company and I discovered all kinds of small companies who had been excited about the prospects of a joint venture with this company and had written a press release. I talked to six individuals and they all said the same thing—this company took their money, shot a cheap commercial using stock footage, ran fifty or so commercials in regions that did not target their niche market and did not generate a single sale! When these people called to talk to their representative, their calls were not returned.

Part of the author book promotion services this company supposedly provides is stocking your book, setting up 800 number operators to take the orders that come in when the commercials air and then shipping your book. One author I spoke to managed to view one of his commercials. When he called the 800 number, the operator said that she'd never heard of his book. Like the other people I spoke to, this author did not receive a single order.

Although I obviously chose not to use the author book promotion services of this company, if you still choose to go ahead, consider yourself forewarned.

2) Two weeks ago, I received an email from a customer who had a terrible experience after purchasing a sub-standard product that claims it can teach you how to write a book in two weeks or less (hint: it doesn't use the word 2 weeks in the title, it uses the number of days that is equivalent to two weeks time.) This product offers a money-back guarantee, but when the customer tried to get his money back, the vendor did not reply. The customer sent numerous emails and even called, but no reply. In defense of the customer, I sent an email: no reply. My recommendation: stay away from this product. Check out other recommendations for courses that teach you how to quickly write a book by going to: Writing Books: How to Use What You Know to Start Writing Books

Now, that you have read about what doesn't work. Read our article about book promotion services that do work.

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