Audio Book Publishing - The Benefits of Re-purposing Your Content

Audio book publishing is smart. Taking your physical or digital book and repackaging in audio form gives you another income stream for the same piece of content. It also gives readers the ability to listen to your book while driving, exercising or doing other things. For busy readers on the go, this may be the only way that they can "read" your book. If you don't offer your content in this form, then you may have just lost a buyer.

If you're a savvy author or self publisher, you'll want to re-use your content and offer it in as many forms as possible—a physical book, an ebook, and various other formats.

In this article, we will focus on ways to create an audio version of your content. These books are popular with those who spend a lot of time on the road. If you have an hour-long commute each way to work that equals a lot of unproductive time. As someone who used to spend several hours every day commuting, I know how great it feels to "read" a novel or learn something new by listening to an audio book.

Families who take road trips bring audio books along because everyone can listen. Unlike a DVD, listening to a story on CD engages the imagination.

People often listen to audio books while doing other things such as, exercising, spring cleaning and mundane tasks that don't require a lot of attention.

Audio Book Publishing: Sequence of Events

Today's audio books are often released at the same time as the physical book. You can create your audio book in many forms: cassette tape, audio CD, MP3 Cd and digital download for playing on an iPod or PDA.

audio book publishing

Now that you recognize the advantages of offering your content in audio form, how do you get started?

Compare Audio Book Publishing Companies

Before you find a publisher, you'll want to determine if you are going to record your book yourself or hire talent. If you have a good speaking voice and a recording studio nearby, record your audio book in your own voice. Audio book fans love to listen to a book read by its author.

If you plan to record your book at home, make sure your recording equipment is good enough to produce a quality recording. The quality of your recording and packaging should match the quality of your book. The most important tool you will need to produce a quality recording is a studio quality microphone.

Research various audio book publishers to find out their submission guidelines. If you have a quiet room, you may be able to record your book using a microphone and your computer.

Most publishers offer audio book production packages which include narration, recording, graphic design, packaging and marketing. If you want to be free to focus on your writing, consider these services, but be sure to take the time to compare prices and contracts.

The Process of Recording a Book

If you decide to go with a professional audio book publisher, you should understand the process of recording a book.

First an audio book publisher will check to ensure that your content will make a good audio book. If so, a script will be created. Next, a narrator will be select. Most audio book publishers have a large pool of talent from which to select.

Next the book is recorded. This process involves a director, sound engineer and narrator. Since problems can occur, there are usually retakes. It can take anywhere from 2-3 hours of recording time to create one hour of audio.

The recording is reviewed, edited and re-recorded if there are problems or mistakes and then mastered so the sound levels throughout the recording are the same and there are no long pauses or background noise.

Finally, a jacket cover is designed, the audio is duplicated and printed to CDs and the audio book is published and ready for distribution.

Keep in mind that some publishers also publish ebooks and hardcover books, so you may want to consider them for the entire package and get all your revenue streams created at the same time.

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