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The Amazon Kindle is an electronic reading device that allows you to wirelessly download books and magazines from the web and take them anywhere you go. To learn more about this ebook reader, click on Kindle. If you're an author and would like to learn the benefits of publishing on the Kindle, read on.

Making your book into this format is a smart move for unknown and established authors and self publishing companies alike. Since Amazon is the #1 online bookstore, it is a great opportunity for you to increase your book sales. One author claims that after converting his book into the Kindle format (which is not the same as a PDF), he sold fifty books back in December 2007 and 1400 in January 2008. For an unknown author, this is a lot of books to sell and this was back when the Kindle was first announced. As the number of Kindle users grows, sales will grow exponentially, but there will also be more competition as more and more authors and publishers make their content available in this format.

The benefits of converting your content into an Amazon Kindle ebook are increased exposure and a brand new income stream for your book. Of course, you'll receive the perks of having your titles listed on Amazon which is a heavily trafficked site.

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The key to success as a publisher today is to offer the same content in as many forms as possible in order to get the best return on your work. In today's world, you can offer your work as a physical book (a pbook), an electronic book (an ebook), an audio book, and an Amazon Kindle book (and on a variety of other tablets: Nook, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, etc). This creates multiple profit centers for the same piece of content. When people buy my book, they often buy the physical and the audio book. If they want it electronically, they can purchase the ebook or the Amazon Kindle version.

Since most Kindle books sell for $9.99 (or less) and the author gets 35% of the profit, you'll get about $3.50 per book. Let's take the numbers our Kindle author reported way back in 2008 and be a little bit conservative with regard to potential earnings: if Amazon sold just 300 copies of your book per month, you would earn an extra $1050 per month from just one book. Imagine if you had 3 books or 5 or 10.

Make sure to bookmark this page and stayed tuned for my special report that will take you step by step through the process of converting your book into a Kindle book. (Coming soon: I'm also working on a step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to make your book into an audio book.)

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