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Looking for an Adsense Ebook that will unlock the mysteries of making a good living by placing Google ads on your web site. I have a great recommendation for you, but before I tell you about it, let me explain some internet history and how Google single-handedly revolutionized the online publishing world by introducing Google Adsense.

You see, I've had online businesses and worked at home for many years. In internet speak, I guess you could call me a dinosaur. When I started my first online business back in 1999, it was an ecommerce site, but what I loved most was creating content sites on subjects that I was passionate about and sharing my knowledge with others. One of this sites was a parenting magazine where parents could learn about the deeper aspects of parenting. That site is still around today: When I first start writing articles for my site, I was investing lots of time and energy, but making very little money.

Enter Google Adsense. Google allowed me to place a bit of code on each page of my web site which sensed what my article was about and then inserted ads that were relevant to that copy. Every time one of the parents reading my articles clicked on one of those ads, this earned me money. After applying to and being accepted into the Google Adsense program, I read through the tutorials and placed the code on my site. Although I started making money and it was more than I was earning before, truthfully, it wasn't that much.

Enter Joel Comm. Yes, folks, that's his real name. On the internet, we jokingly refer to him as joel-dot-com. Talk about someone who was made for internet success. He sold one of his sites, a gaming-related site to Yahoo back in the 90s for a great deal of money. Suffice it to say that Joel knows what he's doing and has gone on to enjoy one business success after another. After reading Joel's book and implementing his strategies, my income doubled the first month and then tripled and quadrupled after that.

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Joel wrote this Adsense Ebook to share what he'd learned by tweaking different aspects and placements of the Google ads which helped him earn more money on his sites. Of course, these are legal tweaks that fully comply with Google's terms and conditions. Just click on the link, so you can get your copy and learn how to apply these techniques to your site. I promise you'll be happy that you did.

Long story short. I followed Joel's suggestions and implemented his strategies on my sites. In addition to increasing my income, I was able to focus on what I loved: writing great content and sharing my knowledge and insights with others while working from the comfort of my home and being accessible to my family. If I could do it, you can too.

Joel shares what Google doesn't tell you. Apply his tweaks so that the content that you've already written and the new articles that you post now and in the future will earn you more money than they would if you hadn't read this easy-to-follow Adsense ebook.

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