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What Makes a Best Seller
July 13, 2012

What Makes A Best-Selling Book, eBook or Infoproduct

Go watch this new video from Eben Pagan, where he 
shares his 3-part formula for creating a best-selling
information product (just opt-in to watch):

The MIA Video Formula for Product Success

Inside, you’ll learn the most valuable part of an information 
product (and what people are actually paying for).

You’ll also get a PDF exercise, that you can do and submit
 for a chance to win a free iPad or MacBook Pro.

Use this video and outline for your next information product or book,
and you’ll create something that people already want to 

Watch this video now. It's great information for writers:

The MIA Video Formula for Product Success

Video 3 is also available and contains important information on marketing. You won't find top notch training like this at no-cost anywhere, so make sure to watch the videos.

Laura Ramirez

Self Publish Ebooks

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