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How to Sell Your Book or Ebook from Your Web Site
October 17, 2007

How to Sell Your Book or Ebook from Your Web Site

Would you like to increase sales of your book or ebook?

About a month ago, I received a number of emails from subscribers who wanted to know how they could sell their books or ebooks from their sites.

Well, I've done the research and have written a comprehensive article on the subject. If you have a web site, but are not currently selling your book or ebook from it, then this article will give you the information you need to start doing so. (For publishers in South Africa, I even have a solution for you, but you have to contact me directly to get the information.)

If you are already selling your book from your site, please still read the article as many of the services I recommend have affiliate programs which means you can get others to sell your book or ebook for a percentage of the profits. Although this article is more focused on how to select the service that's right for you and your book, in the future, I will be writing an article that is focused on getting others to do your marketing for you. What could be better?

In the meantime, read this month's article by clicking on the link below:

Sell Ebooks - How to Sell Your Book or Ebook from Your Site

Next month, I will publish an article on different programs to use to market your book. As always, these are programs I've used myself to successfully promote my book, ebook and special e-reports.

(The inspiration for this upcoming article came when one subscriber wrote to tell me he wanted to convert his book into an ebook, but still had 2500 books in boxes in his basement. Don't let your inventory collect dust. Do what it takes to sell them. Next month's article will give you many great ideas.)

For now, click below to get a free report on how you can make money speaking at colleges and universities and sell tons of books to boot. Market your book by speaking at colleges and universities

Happy writing!

Very truly yours,

Laura Ramirez
Self Publish Ebooks

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