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A Self Publishing Service that Frees You to Focus on Your Writing
August 24, 2007

A Self Publishing Service that Allows Authors to Keep Rights & Profits

I am very excited about this month's article. I have found a self publishing service that is actually a service and helps authors publish their book while maintaining all their rights and 100% of their profits. This is a self-publisher's dream come true because it frees you to focus on your writing and promoting your book or books.

Self Publish Your Book and Keep All the Profits

Self publishing services have grown exponentially with the advent of tools that make publishing more accessible for authors. The problem is that learning technology takes an author away from what he or she does best, which is create and write ...

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Self Publishing Service

Those of you who have been subscribers for awhile know that I have 4 web sites that I've built with SBI, a tool that makes technology invisible yet gives you all the features of a full blown web site, including the ability to publish a newsletter like this and allow users to comment on the articles you publish on your web site, add a shopping cart, etc.

From now until the stroke of midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on August 28, you and a friend, family member or colleague can get $100 OFF when you buy two. This means that you and someone you care about can finally get started on your web business. If you've ever dreamed about having an online business or building a web site to promote your book, click on SBI special offer to find out more.

Happy writing!

Very truly yours,

Laura Ramirez
Self Publish Ebooks

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