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Publishing Articles for Syndication and Promotion
August 09, 2008

Publishing Articles for Syndication

If you have a web site to promote your book, product or service and it gets little traffic, then you'll want to read my piece on publishing articles for syndication and profit. This article details the process of submitting short, information-rich articles that will get syndicated across the internet, increasing the traffic to your site and also adding to your Google PageRank (a number that Google uses to determine your site's popularity.)

In addition to the benefits of increased traffic and Google PageRank, information-rich articles establish your credibility and engender trust, so that after reading your article and clicking over to your site, web visitors are more likely to purchase the book you wrote, your product or service.

If you think you know everything there is to know about article syndication, think again because the service I recommend also enables you to earn revenue from the articles you submit. To read more, click on publishing articles for syndication and profit If the link did not appear properly, please copy and paste it into your browser:

Writer/Publisher/Webmaster Resources at No Cost

Make Your Knowledge Sell - the downloadable book that tells you everything you need to know to write a book or ebook (or any other digital product) and sell it on the web, is now available at no charge. I highly recommend this book, in fact, it is the resource I used to write my first book which has won five awards. Download your copy by going to Make Your Knowledge Sell

Directory Submitter - this no-cost software will automate the process of submitting your site to hundreds of directories so you will receive the benefit of in-pointing links (links that point to your site) which are increased traffic and increased Google Page Rank. Download your copy by clicking on Directory Submitter

Until next time, happy writing.

Very truly yours,

Laura Ramirez
Self Publish Ebooks

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