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Promote Books: How I Sold 1267 Copies of My Book This Month
April 27, 2010

Promote Books: How I Sold 1267 Copies of My Book This Month

In This Issue:

1. Promote Books - How I Sold 1267 Copies of My Book So Far This Month

2. An eye-opening video from a well-known author and internet marketer

Promote Books Online

This month, I have sold 1267 copies of a book that I wrote and self-published. The best part? I wrote this book more than six years ago!

Amazed? I'm not. Most publishers wouldn't expect an older book like this to sell so well. Why? There are many reasons:

1. The content is almost seven years old

2. It's a self-published book

3. The author is NOT a celebrity or even widely known

Would you like to sell this many copies of your book in just one month? Then stay tuned for the next issue of this newsletter, so I can tell you exactly how I did this.

Believe me, it wasn't magic. If you do things right, you can sell thousands of copies of your book (and even sell some of those books in boxes that are collecting dust in your basement.)

Why aren't I giving you this information now? Because the month isn't over yet and I want to have all the data before I tell you what to do. My purpose now is to whet your appetite for next month's issue. Plus, I wanted to share my success with people who I knew would "get" how much it means.

Stay tuned for the next issue to find out exactly how many sales I made and how I did it.


The short video at the web address below is so spooky/cool that it gave me the chills. Take a moment and watch the video, then make sure to get on the waiting list. This is something you don't want to miss because it's from a trail blazing author/internet marketer.

Check this out

Until next week, Happy Writing!

Laura Ramirez
How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Book or Ebook

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