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Get Your Work Published
October 18, 2008

Publishing Your Work

In this issue:

1. Publishing Your Poetry

2. Marketing Your Book, Ebook or Web site with Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing


Publishing Your Poetry

The best way to gain credibility as an author is to get your work published. Even if you're in the midst of writing your first book, you should get your name out there as much as possible. This allows you to build a following. You can do this by writing articles and poems and submitting them to various periodicals.

The fastest way to get your name out there is to get published on the internet.

Here is a listing of web sites where you can

submit your poetry


If you want to sell your book or ebook on the internet or get more traffic to your web site, it pays to learn pay per click marketing. Pay per click marketing is the smartest form of advertising because it allows you to target your niche better than any other form of advertising.

Although pay per click marketing may seem complicated, now there is a program that teaches you step by step how to succeed with it. You can use ppc to target customers for your book, ebook, membership site, online course, or any other product or web site. You can even use it to earn a nice percentage by selling other people's products.

Written by a grad student who started out 20k in debt and used ppc to make over 7 figures so far this year.

Learn more

The price for this course is less than $100. I'm already half way through the tutorials and am excited to apply all the information I have learned.

Don't hesitate. This course will be sold out by early next week.

Click here to learn more

Laura Ramirez Write, Publish, Promote & Sell Your Book or Ebook

Stay Tuned for the Next Issue:

How to increase book sales by giving away your ebook.

Writer/Publisher/Webmaster Resources at No Cost

Make Your Knowledge Sell - the downloadable book that tells you everything you need to know to write a book or ebook (or any other digital product) and sell it on the web, is now available at no charge. I highly recommend this book, in fact, it is the resource I used to write my first book which has won five awards. Download your copy by going to Make Your Knowledge Sell

Directory Submitter - this no-cost software will automate the process of submitting your site to hundreds of directories so you will receive the benefit of in-pointing links (links that point to your site) which are increased traffic and increased Google Page Rank. Download your copy by clicking on Directory Submitter

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