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How to Develop a Lucrative Sideline as a Speaker
March 10, 2009

How Authors Can Become Speakers for Pay, Publicity & More!

In Today's Issue:

- Publisher's Note

- Feature Article: How Authors Can Become Speakers for Pay, Publicity and More!

by Don Hauptman

- Great Gifts for Writers

Publisher's Note:

Today's information-packed article about how you can leverage your expertise as an author to launch a lucrative sideline as a motivational speaker is an excerpt from the new, how-to book by Don Hauptman entitled, The Versatile Freelancer: How Writers and Other Creative Professionals Can Generate More Income by Seizing New Opportunities in Critiquing, Consulting, Training, and Presenting.

As you'll read in the article, Don started out as a copywriter and quickly figured out how he could create extra revenue as a speaker while scaling his business as an advertising copywriter.

Read his article (and his book) and you'll come up with some great ideas for how to increase your income while getting more exposure for your book.

How Authors Can Become Speakers—for Pay, Publicity, and More!

By Don Hauptman

I'd be willing to bet on it: As a writer and author, you know a lot of stuff. Have you ever considered deploying and recycling all that knowledge—as a speaker?

You can share what you know—and get paid for it! What’s more, public speaking is a great way to publicize your books, build your reputation, and generate writing assignments. You may also discover that you enjoy the acclaim and celebrity that speakers are routinely accorded.

You say you don't have spectacular speaking skills? No problem! I'm not a dazzling speaker, yet my presentations are always well received. It's the quality of the content you deliver that matters.

For more than 30 years, I was a freelance advertising copywriter. But I quickly discovered that there was a demand for what I knew, and I developed a lucrative sideline delivering in-house training presentations for client companies. For these assignments, I received fees that ranged between $4,000 and $10,000. I also spoke frequently at industry gatherings, where the attendees were prospects for my copywriting work. In these ways, I expanded my platform and my revenue streams.

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Unique Gifts for Writers

Given the current economy, we will continue to focus on ways to expand your skills and your revenue as a writer.

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