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List Your Ebook on Our Web Site
November 16, 2007

List Your Ebook for Sale on Our Web Site

I am pleased to announce a new feature on our site that allows you to list your ebook for sale on our site with a link to the sales page on yours. We are in the process of creating an ebook library and are asking all our subscribers who have written books or ebooks to participate.

Here are the details:

You will get your own page on our web site with a title (that can be the title of your ebook or a benefit-laden headline) a description, a graphic of your book and a link to your sales page from our site.

To show you what your page will look like, I've added my e-booklet on "Cultivating Emotional Maturity in Kids" to my site. To view it, click on Cultivating Emotional Maturity in Kids. Notice that I've written an objective description of my ebook, a few lines about myself as an author and stated the price. If you scroll down a bit, you'll notice that a reader has already rated and commented on my book. More on this below. (The link from our site to yours will be added after you complete the steps below.)

Requirements to get your ebook posted on our site:

!. There is a yearly fee of $25 for your listing which covers our administrative costs. Once you've submitted your listing (make sure you like what you're submitting because we charge $10 for changes), you will be directed to pay for it. (Note: the link to your sales page on your site cannot be added until you've fulfilled all of the requirements below.)

2. You must add a link from your site to ours. The linking instructions for our site can be found by going to Linking Instructions

3. Once you've paid the listing fee, added a link to our site, use the Contact Us link on our navigation bar to email us and give us the title of your book, your name, confirm payment and the url on your site where our link is posted, then provide the link you want us to add at the bottom of your book description and we will add it and publish your page.


In addition to receiving the benefit of the traffic we receive and increased exposure, people who have read your book will be able to come back to our site, rate your book and add comments or a review. (Just email some folks who have read your book and ask them to do this to get the ball rolling.) This is a great way to promote your book. Each month, the book that gets the best ratings and comments (an independent judgment made by me) will be featured on the front page of our site. It's a win-win situation for you for a very reasonable price.

To submit your book or ebook, go to:

Ebook Library and scroll down until you see the invitation.

If you missed the following announcement last week, read it again because this software is selling like hotcakes (because it's an invaluable tool in promoting any book, product or service) and the price is going up this weekend:


Many of you may know that the fastest way to promote a product online is to use Google Adwords. Adwords is a tool that allows you to advertise online and put your product (whether it's an ebook or any other product or service) in front of targeted customers within minutes. This makes Google Adwords a great tool for product development as well.

Just yesterday, my colleague, Brad Callen, released an incredible bit of software which I have purchased and used to run my first ever Google Adwords campaigns (I've run three this morning). The potential for marketing your ebook or any other product has just exploded. I am impressed beyond words about how quickly this has led to sales and wanted to share this timely information with you, my subscribers.

This bit of software reverse engineers Google Adwords, so you can see the techniques the top marketing minds on the internet today are using to run their campaigns. This means you can use what the experts are doing right now to effectively create or enhance your own pay-per-click campaigns. If you're selling anything on the internet (or if you intend to), you need to grab this product now because Brad is limiting the number of people who can purchase it, which makes the value of owning the product inestimable.

In other words, if you snooze, you lose. In fact, since the last time I announced this product, Brad has raised the price. He's is raising it again this weekend because obviously, the fewer people who have access to this software, the better it is for those who own the tool. Read more about this product by clicking on adwords ebook or go directly to Brad's web site

Do it now. You'll be glad you did.

Very truly yours,

Laura Ramirez
Self Publish Ebooks

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