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Do Ebooks Require an ISBN
November 04, 2007

Do Ebooks Require an ISBN Number?

When you publish an ebook, does it require an ISBN number? I was recently asked the question below by one of my subscribers:

Dear Laura

How do we protect our ebooks after we have written them? The reason for my question: I was about to purchase an ISBN number and I called Brenda at BarCode Graphics to ask some particulars. After we had finished the questions and answers she informed me that ISBN's are not needed for ebooks, only hardbound books that are going to be sold in stores. Therefore, what types of protection (besides copyrighting) are available for our ebooks?


Dale G.

Dear Dale,

An ISBN number is used to uniquely identify one book from another. In the traditional publishing world, every book must have one ...

Read the rest of the article on the web by clicking on isbn number and ebook


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Very truly yours,

Laura Ramirez
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