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How to sell "eBooks" & "Information Products" ONLINE
May 05, 2009

3 Tips For Selling eBooks & "Information" Online

If you're interested in selling eBooks or other "Information Products" online, then here are a few tips to make sure you make the most money:

1) Choose a niche where customers have a VERY strong EMOTIONAL NEED.

Why do most eBooks and other Information Products fail - and leave the author with nothing to show for their effort but wasted time?

Because they selected their niche or their topic based on what they themselves were INTERESTED in rather than what people were LOOKING FOR.

If you want to make money with your eBook or other Information Product, then you must choose a niche that is loaded with buyers who are EMOTIONAL about their need.

Not "interested."


If they're not feeling a strong emotional drive to solve a problem or get their desire, then they won't be motivated to BUY from you.

2) NARROW your niche - don't "widen" your niche.

Another reason why most eBooks and Information Products fail is because the author or creator wasn't thinking like a CUSTOMER.

Customers don't like to buy things that will fix all their problems.

They like to buy things that will fix their ONE BIG problem.

A woman who is 30 pounds overweight - who wants to get in shape for her wedding in three months... doesn't want a book about "general health."


She wants a book called "The Bride's Guide To Losing Weight: How To Lose 10-30 Pounds In Under 90 Days."

Most of the time in life, it's not wise to be "Narrow Minded." When you're choosing your niche or creating a product, IT IS.

3) Create a high "Perceived value" report or video - and then GIVE IT AWAY.

As the internet becomes more and more "noisy" - and customers have more and more options... and therefore more and more confusion...'s important to CUT THROUGH THAT NOISE.

The best way to do it?

Create something valuable, then GIVE IT AWAY.

Yes, I said give it away.

And don't just give away any old information.

No. You're going to want to create a report, video, teleclass, or other product - and make it about your BEST STUFF.

Don't save your "good stuff" for last. Give it away up front!

When your prospective customer comes to your website and gets something that's very, VERY valuable from you for free - they will then say to themselves...

"If this is the stuff they're giving away, then the product they're selling must be GREAT."

That's why you give away your BEST stuff for free up front (and make sure you ask your prospective customers to opt-in to your email list in order to get your free product!).


If you like these tips, then do yourself a favor, and go watch this free video - that includes a much more in-depth look at these concepts...

These tips I've just shared with you is just a summary of several techniques that Eben Pagan teaches in his advanced "GURU" trainings.

In preparation for a new launch he's doing, he has put up a brand-new 44-minute video of him sharing his very best techniques for targeting a niche, creating a valuable Information Product, generating traffic and building a list.

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If you enjoyed these tips, then you're really going to enjoy this video - because you can hear him explain all the details of how they work.

Go to that page, opt-in, watch the video, and let me know what you think.

Laura Ramirez
How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Book or Ebook

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