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GURU MasterClass open 1 more day
August 30, 2011

GURU MasterClass open 1 more day

You donít often get a 2nd chance at a good thing in life, but if you missed the registration for the GURU MasterClass last week, youíre in LUCK.

Eben just emailed me to let me know that he had literally thousands of people come to his website after he closed - and a lot of people were upset that they missed the ďwindow.Ē

He opened up registration for one more day, but this is it - after this, itís closed for good.

Go watch his video if you havenít seen it, and learn the secrets of selling your information online for top dollar:

Watch the video

Eben announced last week that heís giving 2 tickets to his Communication & Persuasion Summit to every person who registers for this course.

Youíll get to spend an entire weekend with Eben, learning how to communicate with impact... and how to persuade people with your words and your marketing... and you can do it from your phone and computer (as the course itself is virtual).

Go watch the video now, and make your decision by Wednesday.

This course is going to be awesome - and the feedback thatís coming in about it is already amazing.

Hereís the link to the video again, watch it as soon as you can:

Watch the video

This course will only be available today and tomorrow, so get it while you can.


Laura Ramirez

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