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Sell Your Books on Facebook
June 04, 2012

Sell Your Books on Facebook

I know that this is last minute, but I just became aware of this 4-part class on how to market your online or online business using Facebook. This is a great way to increase book sales or generate leads for your upcoming book.

As an author whose self-published book continues to sell well on the web, I know that targeting your reader- ship is one of the most important things that you can learn to build a list of loyal readers and increase your book sales.

Starting tomorrow, Mari Smith, one of the leading experts on Facebook marketing, will be holding an informative 4-part class. I've just signed up because although I've been selling my book on the internet for years, I don't know how to use Facebook's advertising platform in a way that is skillful and effective. Since Facebook has more users than any other platform on the web and tens of thousands of highly targeted groups, learning the proper way to use it is the next big step in my smart book marketing strategy. Make it yours well.

The class in inexpensive, especially when you consider that you'll be learning from a foremost expert, one who uses Facebook successfully to promote her books.

Learn more about the class

If the link does not appear properly in your mail program, copy and paste the url below into your internet browser:

Don't wait on this. The class starts tomorrow. Since all sessions will be recorded, you do not need to be available during the call times to listen to each class.

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