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Explode Your Book Sales
November 10, 2006

Increase Your Book Sales

Dear Reader:

This month's article focuses on new approaches to marketing your book.

Whether you are writing a book, are a new author or have boxes of books that are collecting dust in your basement, you must read this article.

There is one idea at the end of the article that I am particularly excited about and have been using to increase sales for my book.

Below is the first paragraph of the article. The full version appears on my web site.

Understanding book marketing is essential to your success as an author. Many authors make the mistake of thinking that once their book is written, it will somehow sell itself. To save yourself a lot of grief, it's important to shatter this illusion early. Selling your book to the public takes just as much time and effort (and even more) than it took to write the book.

Read the rest of the article on book marketing

I wish you success in all your book marketing endeavors.

As always,
Happy Writing!

Laura Ramirez Self Publish Ebooks

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