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Promoting Your Book - Call in with Your Questions
July 18, 2006
Dear Reader

Get Your Questions about Writing and Book Promotion Answered

I know this is late notice, but today at 11:30 PST (2:30 pm EST), I will appear on Fran Silverman's Book Marketing with Fran radio show. I'll be talking about self publishing and book marketing. (The show actually starts at 11:00 PST or 2:00 EST, but I am the second guest, so my segment begins at the second half of the show.)

Since this is a call-in show, this is your chance to call in with your questions about book marketing.

To listen to the show live:

1. Go to

2. On left side, click "Shows, Hosts and Schedules" and scroll down to Fran's show.

To call in, call toll free 800-920-3717 (Phoenix area - 623-772-9379). Or email your questions, by going to the left side of the main page and clicking on "In-Quick Message or Call-In" (In-Quick only works during live shows).

If you can't listen to the show live, you can listen to the archive. Archives are posted ten minutes after the conclusion of the show.

I hope you will listen in today and call if you have a question.

As always, happy writing!

Laura Ramirez
Self Publish Ebooks

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