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On this site you will learn all about publishing from concept to writing tips, from tools and resources to getting your book into print. Equally important, you will learn about marketing, and building a web site, so you can build your readership and sell your books and/or ebooks on the web. In fact, what you will really learn is how to build your own niche publishing empire.

In addition to what is listed above, you will find free ebook downloads (on all kinds of subjects), free Kindle book listings and an ebook library of resources that will increase your knowledge of self publishing, writing, affiliate marketing and a variety of other topics. This illustrates the myriad of topics on which to write.

(If you don't know the difference between a book and ebook, read What is an ebook.) No matter the final output for your book, you will learn everything that you need to know to take it from the idea stage to a physical or virtual product.

This site also includes information on writers and writing, from writing books to writing your memoir to publishing a family cookbook. Whatever your publishing goals, I offer the resources to get the job done.

Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter because you'll learn about resources not found on other sites. As proof, here are some unsolicited comments from our visitors:

Your site is a treasure trove of information for a novice like me.

~ Dawn G.

I stumbled across your website last year when I was exploring options for e-publishing my books.  I have been writing for many years, had one book published long ago, and have been submitting new manuscripts ever since...

~ David Singleton

I can't tell you how helpful your site was.  It inspired me to transform my books into e-books and create a website...  What started out as a desire to establish a venue for my own writing has become an exciting adventure into the broader world of fiction.

~ Ann Heinz

Whether or not you think of yourself as a writer, there's a book in you. Each of us has unique experiences and a special gift to give the world that is valuable to others. This means that others will pay to read about your experiences and hard-won knowledge.

To write ebooks, all you have to do is figure out what you know and write as though speaking to a friend. (No need to wax poetic, in fact, with ebooks it's better that you don't.) Your knowledge can be packaged in an attractive format, self published and sold as an ebook or traditional book on the web.

If you've always dreamed of writing a book, the ebook trend and digital publishing will make it possible. Believe in your dream and go for it, rather than spending your life saddled by regrets.

Want to write ebooks, but not sure about the topic? There are plenty of things you can write about.

For instance, I was approached by a college student who wrote an ebook on how to improve your grade point average. Since I am the owner of a parenting web site and have over 15,000 subscribers to my newsletter, this ebook author wanted me to recommend his ebook to my readership.

First, of course, I read it and found that it was filled with valuable information. Most importantly, what I realized as I read it was that I could have easily written this book. After all, I was a straight 'A' student throughout high school and college. I know how to study to get the 'A.'

My point in telling you this is that there are plenty of topics on which you can write an ebook. (And there's no need to be a straight 'A' student!) Simply pick a topic that you know and brainstorm how you can save your readers time, money and headaches by revealing the tricks and tips that you have learned through trial-and-error. Believe me, people will be willing to pay for your experience, rather than having to endure it themselves.

The benefits of writing your own ebook, self publishing and selling it on the web are many:

  • No rejection slips.
  • No editor changing the vision of your ebook.
  • You make a bigger profit through self publishing.
  • You build a list of readers who support your work.
  • Best of all, your information is your gift to give--your contribution to the world. There's nothing more fulfilling than making money at something you love while giving your special gift to others.

Self publishing books or ebooks and selling them on the web is easy, especially if you follow the step-by-step advice of authors who are successfully selling their self published ebooks on the web. These writers are consistently making money on the web, in many cases from ebooks they wrote years ago. To get familiar with ebooks get you started thinking about what you can do with them, download some of the free ebooks we recommend.

If you're ready to get started on your ebooks, just click on the navigation bar. You will find information on how to brainstorm an idea, research it, outline your book and start writing. You'll also find recent statistics on how ebook sales compare to sales of traditional books. Additionally, you will find inspirational stories of authors who are selling ebooks on the web.

Whether you're a housewife, teacher, student, nurse, daycare worker, doctor or lawyer, you have the life experience and expertise to write ebooks that will bring value to others. Get started on your dream today .

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